18-Year Old Rutgers Freshman Tyler Clementi Took Own Life After Posting Facebook Message

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Bullying at school can be fatal. Kids may not take this seriously but their lives and safety can be at risk due to an age old issue that can even happen in the workplace.

A Rutgers University student posted on his Facebook page a message that he was jumping off a bridge as a result of bullying on September 22. Tyler Clementi, considered a exceptional musical talent, took his own life after discovering that his roommate filmed him with another man in his room and posted it live on the net.

Authorities reported that items belonging to Clementi were found within the vicinity of the George Washington Bridge this past week. Local police found a male body along the Hudson River but has not confirmed if it belonged to the 18-year old freshman.

Dharun Ravi and Molly Wei were charged with invasion of privacy. They were accused of placing a camera in Clementi’s dorm room, recorded and live-streamed a video footage of Clementi with another man on the 19th of September. Clementi was so embarrassed he decided to take his own life by jumping off a bridge.

Family and friends grieve over the loss of a fine young man who was a victim of bullying. Paul Mainardi, legal counsel for the Clementi family released a statement.

“Tyler was a fine young man, and a distinguished musician. The family is heartbroken beyond words. They respectfully request that they be given time to grieve their great loss and that their privacy at this painful time be respected by all,” Mainardi said.